Work Package 4: Systems Biology (SysBio)

Work Package 4 is the core, integrative programme of PREDECT. Through the generation of multiple tissue microarrays (TMAs) it provides the central platform for the analysis of the fidelity of complex in vitro platforms to represent a tumour in situ. The TMAs provide the key material for the interrogation and comparison of protein expression and histology in complex, heterogeneous in vitro tumour models. The TMAs also provide an archive of the various models being investigated, including novel in vivo models. WP4 has developed a PREDECT Metadata database (MBase) for non-image data storage which includes libraries for consortium samples, TMAs and antibodies. A consensus library of antibodies will be used to probe generic gene expression and signalling pathways under steady state and perturbed conditions. A PREDECT portal in the WebMicroscope environment ( has been created for image data storage and analysis. Development of multiplexed staining regimes, their imaging using quantitative image analysis and the development of advanced live cell imaging techniques are important pillars of WP4.