Work Package 3: European Lung Cancer Model Platform (ELCM)

The objective of work performed in the lung work package is to establish in vitro model systems representing human tumours in situ. These aim at achieving a superior robustness, reproducibility, and improved reliability to critically address if they are useful as routine target validation models towards treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). To achieve this, WP3 will compare immunohistochemical and expression array profiles from genetically-aligned model systems driven by combinations of mutant KRAS with loss of LKB1 or p53, key drivers of NSCLC with high unmet clinical need. In vitro models are derived from actual patient tumours, orthotopic or subcutaneously grown tumourgrafts and GEMMs, or utilise cell lines co-cultured in 2D or 3D with immortalised patient-derived normal and cancer-associated fibroblast pairs. Following technology development and standardisation, WP3 aims to address the question how resting and perturbed states of these models compare to each other and – most importantly – how far they recapitulate the patient´s response.