PREDECT Work Packages

How is the PREDECT project structured?

In order to investigate the fidelity of complex in vitro platforms to mimic a tumour in vivo, generated by stepwise deconstruction of a tumour, PREDECT has four basic Work Packages (WPs) addressing three pathologies - estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, androgen resistant prostate cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. The unifying 4th Work Package (WP4) provides a pathology platform where tissue microarrays generated by the WPs, for example of tissue slices and complex 3D models, are analysed by immunohistochemistry for key proteins representing the complexity of a heterogenous tumour in situ. An important part of WP4 is to provide expertise in imaging and the systematic archivage of the work produced within PREDECT.

PREDECT is coordinated by John Hickman, a consultant acting on behalf of Servier in Paris, one of the pharmaceutical company partners in PREDECT. He was previously director of cancer drug discovery at Servier and before that the Zeneca Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Manchester, UK. Together with colleagues from the Pharmaceutical Companies (EFPIA Members) he coordinated the writing of the Call for Proposals on Cancer Target Validation, which lays down the goals of the project.

The academic coordinator is Emmy Verschuren at FIMM (Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland) and the University of Helsinki, Finland where she is a FIMM-EMBL international group leader of a research team in lung cancer model systems. Emmy assembled the academic and Biotech partners to respond to the call and together with John Hickman has coordinated the integration of the PREDECT consortiums' public and private partners. Before starting her independent career, Emmy trained with Peter Jackson at Genentech Inc. and Stanford University, and with Gerard Evan at the UCSF Cancer Center.

The EFPIA co-coordinator is Ralph Graeser at Janssen Pharmaceuticals in Beerse, Belgium, a part of the J&J group of companies. Ralph is currently responsible for biomarker strategies in Oncology drug discovery projects, and previously worked at ProQinase GmbH, Germany, validating targets and developing assays for in vitro, in vivo, and clinical projects. He trained with Richard M. Franklin at the Biocenter in Basel, and Sir Tim Hunt at the ICRF in Clare Hall, UK.

The PREDECT project is managed by Laurence Lapotre at the Management Consultants Kurt Salmon in Lyon France (

The structure of the project is represented below: