Advisory Boards

I. Scientific Advisory Board

Predect's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) first met in Florida in 2011, at the beginning of the PREDECT project, and their advice focussed the programme within the three pathologies.

The second SAB meeting will be in Washington DC in April 2013, prior to the Interim Programme Review, proposed by IMI for June 2013.

Mina Bissell
(Lawrence Livermore Lab, Berkeley)
Scientific Advisory Board Chair
Bissell lab
Alan Balmain (UCSF)
Balmain lab

David Tuveson (CSH Laboratory)
Tuveson lab

Pasi Jänne (Harvard)
Jänne lab

Andrew Ewald (Johns Hopkins)
Ewald lab

Rob Kramer
Constantine Mitsiades,
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
John Lazo (U. Virginia)
Lazo lab

II. Ethical Advisory Board

PREDECT's Ethical Advisory Board:

Dr Adam Smith (Nobel Foundation, London)

Professor Erik Forsse (Karolinska Institute)

The Board advises on the ethical questions regarding the use of human biological material, such as the transfer of materials between partners, and on the creation and use of animal models, particularly transgenic models, validating that appropriate local ethical permission is in place. When appropriate, the Board will advise on the use of historical clinical data.